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The Dyskograf is an interactive installation by Jesse Lucas and Erwan Raguenes Yro.

Here are the comments from artists :

The dematerialization of media that resulted in disregard of the principles of recording and music playback, this art installation allows you to recover a delicate touch to recorded music, and in this way to deduce the operation.

Dyskograf is a graphical disk drive. Each disk is created on site by the visitors through a series of markers placed at their disposal. The device is then used to read the discs to translate the design into a musical sequence.

The art installation is primarily a tool which allows one to create musical sequences intuitively. The notion of loop closely related to electronic music is represented by the cycle of the disc. The disc scrolls indefinitely in front of a camera mounted on an arm. This diamond substitution converts the drawing into sound with a dedicated software. This system allows us to understand the musical sequence in a playful way, while creating a unique object, a memory of the musical composition.

The digital world is a world of binary choices. Dyskograf aims to give a place for accidents in the digital creation, often conducive to creativity.

Dyskograf from Jesse Lucas on Vimeo.