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hého, a consulting firm in creation and realization
of sound architecture and sound design


history and vision

over 10 years of experience in design and sound architecture has forged our beliefs

Emotions and memories are the creation of the quality and intensity of particular moments, everything else is either forgettable or boring

The sounds-and silence-are key markers of this present moment, because they act in four dimensions, those of space and the one of time. They are the key elements of identity, comfort – or discomfort (noise) – of uses and readability of spaces. Throughout the project, Heho experimented and developed a unique methodology and expertise to create and manage a global approach of sound in its spaces, integrating its strategic, creative and technical dimensions.

Creating the sound design firm Heho – 2003/2004

Marc Debiès founded hého in 2003 in Nantes to frame his strategy consulting and sound identity business. In 2004, he met Laurent Sauvagnac a film music composer and sound designer then for major brands (Louis Vuitton, Cartier…). They partnered and founded together the sound design firm hého.

Together they created sound identities for French and European brands driven by a shared belief: the sound has more to offer than just its attributes in communication (musical design, jingle). The sound is omnipresent, extremely powerful as a means of perception of the environment (see the noise), and remains one of the last unexplored territories for the creation of added value in architectural projects in corporate strategy and brands.

From psychoacoustics to sound: Experts join the team – 2006

From psycho-acoustics to new technologies, via acoustics, hého surrounded itself with the best professionals in each discipline by 2006, experimenting and innovating to improve the experience, comfort, identity and sound uses of its customers environments.

Architecture and sound art: research, innovation and projects – since 2007

In 2007, hého specialized in “sound architecture and identity”, and directed several research projects where a specific perception by the user in a real environment (point of sale, events…) serves as a guide to strategy deployment overall in a virtual environment (communication, multimedia). 2007 was also the beginning of a period of research and production in the fields of Sound Art , with several projects and themes whom, still today, feed the work and thoughts of the team.

Unique methodology and know-how for large-scale projects – 2011/2012

From 2011, hého collaborates with David Guerin, acoustic engineer specialized in environment on several innovative projects (Orange, Unibail- Rodamco) . They set up a unique and rigorous methodology to manage and monitor architecture and sound design projects, allowing them to work on the largest architectural projects of the moment (Forum des Halles -Paris- , Aéroville -Roissy France-,  Val Tolosa -Toulouse France-, Wood -Poland-,  Ritz – Paris-).

David became the third partner in hého end of 2012, and supports the operational and technical management of the company. The technical team grew later with the arrival of Julien Bachelier in support for the studies of sound, which he realizes in coordination with partners specialized in each field, acoustics or audiovisual.

The keys to technology and the breath of creativity

In parallel, the creative team expands and uses powerful new tools, at its disposal, at the hého studio in Montreuil (software, sound bank, studio equipment). Because if the strategy and technique are keys to the success of any proposed architecture and sound design, creation, whether in concept or execution, is the breath and vibration which animates and connects both our team, our customers and all the users auditors of hého.

Serving the architectural, identity or design project. Serving the environmental quality and the intensity of the present moment.